The Goldsmith of Walnut Creek

(925) 937-5430


Jewelry made to order

Your own design, or mine

Or we can work together to create a new heirloom for you!


RINGS:  Sized (larger or smaller)

Worn shanks replaced

Cracked shanks repaired

Wedding sets soldered together

PRONGS:  Tightened, retipped, rebuilt

CHAINS:  Soldered, New clasps

CHARMS: Installed/Soldered

PEARLS:  (and other beads) Restrung

EARRINGS:  Posts replaced, New backs,

Convert to/from pierced/clip

BRACELETS:  Repair/replace clasp,  adjust length, Add safety

BROOCHES:  Repair pin/hinge/catch


(Most work done on site)


Not sure what you have inherited?

Heirloom jewelry cleaned and evaluated.

Is it real?

Safe to wear as is?

Need repairs?

We have often restored jewelry after the owner had been told, "It can't be done".


Your old jewelry may be

"worth its weight in gold".

If it is beyond repair, or simply does not suit your style, it can be the raw material for a new piece.

(I like to recycle)

Most work is performed on site